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Find at our store elegant, classy and timeless pieces of Jewelery..

Complete Range Of Contemporary & Traditional Bridal Diamond Jewelry

It goes without saying that the best way to accessorize is by wearing jewelry. Yes, it is so because Jewelry as an item makes all the difference in a woman's pride. There are three factors which are most looked upon while buying jewelry, first is design, second is purity and third is price. A contemporary bridal diamond jewelry maker and supplier which knows that customers look for aforesaid three factors before investing their hard earned money, Art Creation brings forth only unique in design, high in purity and best deals in price jewelry in Diamond, Gold and Platinum.

Established in 2016, we are working as manufacturer and wholesaler/distributor of most classy Diamond Jewelry, Mounting Jewelry, Bridal Jewelry, Diamond Gemstone Rings and more. We pick finest diamonds, platinum and gold from trusted suppliers and then after checking each of the material, we further shape and design them in a way that it attracts attention of all customers. We know that all cultures of people in India, find gifting a job so thoughtful. But don't you worry because we have special timeless gift collection for everyone.


At Art Creation, all pieces of jewelry that are hand and machine made shows fine craftsmanship. Customers admire our creations and recommend our name whenever there's a discussion over jewelry for a reason, this reason being skill and dedication of our people which they put in making all fine jewelry pieces. We are working towards earning a precious credibility in Indian market. We are into crafting remarkable designs of Diamond Pendants, Diamond Gemstone Rings and Bangles which will attract all onlookers.

Why Choose Us?

Impressing customers is one of the most toughest jobs in the modern time especially when a company is engaged in making bridal diamond jewelry because demand of every customer is either unique or different from other customers. Along with this, every customer has his/her own preference and price range to invest in an item. Focusing on all these points, we bring forth a wide variety, seeing which customers can choose the design which they like and price which suits their pocket. Some other factors suggesting our company is worth to deal with, are given below:
  • Most purest and durable gold, platinum and diamond are used while making jewelry.
  • Sheer perfection is what customers would find in our collection.
  • We excel in providing delivery on scheduled date.